Muscle Gain Pack

Muscle Gain Pack

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Pour un maximum de résultats, le pack prise de muscle t'aidera à développer ta masse musculaire.

  • Développez vos muscles de la meilleure des manières
  • Des suppléments essentiels adaptés à votre objectif
  • Conçu pour soutenir votre progression
  • Excellent rapport qualité-prix

Un corps tracé, des abdominaux visibles, des bras forts et dessinés, tels seront tes objectifs !

Attention, ce coffret n'est pas réservé qu'aux hommes, les femmes aussi pourront avoir des jambes fermes, un fessier galbé et un ventre plat !

Ce pack renferme le meilleur des compléments sportifs et chacun des produits t'aidera à construire le corps dont tu as toujours rêvé.



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To help you build the body of your dreams, this gentle comeback pack brings together the essentials of sports nutrition.

  • Supports your progress
  • Meets the specific needs of your body
  • Boosts your vitality with a balanced vitamins / minerals cocktail
  • Excellent quality/price value

A more athletic shape, visible abs, strong and shapely arms, these are your goals!

This pack is just as suitable for you Ladies as it is for you Gentlemen.

This pack contains the best of sports supplements, and each of the products will help you build the body you have always dreamed of.



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For maximum results, the comeback in force pack will help you develop your muscle mass.

  • Helps reaching a milestone in muscle gain
  • Intensifies performance and training
  • Supports optimal recovery
  • # 1 quality of our products will help you reach your goals

Shaped body, visible abs, strong and shapely arms, these will be your goals!

Please note, this box is not only reserved for men, women too would achieve firm legs, curved buttocks and a flat stomach!

This pack contains the best of sports supplements, and each of these products will help you build the body you have always dreamed of.

Omega 3 pack

Omega 3 pack

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Don't worry about your Omega 3 stocks anymore!

We have put together a pack made of 3 jars of Omega 3 to make sure you don't miss out.

Omega-3s are essential polyunsaturated fatty acids that are absolutely essential for the human body. It is necessary to bring them through food. They are found, for example, in large quantities in fish.

They play an important role in the proper functioning of our brain (15% of omega-3s are present) by ensuring the normal transmission of nerve impulses, by stimulating mental concentration and memory. In addition, their positive effect on heart activity is also one of their strengths. Indeed, they can reduce the risk of cardiovascular accidents.

Tonus pack

Tonus pack

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The Tonus Pack brings together the top nutrients to fight against mental and muscular fatigue :

  • Calcium, Magnesium & Zinc to fight against stress and nervousness.
  • With its vitamins, our Daily Vitamins support tonus and vitality.
  • Omega-3 in the form of DHA for good brain and heart development

It is the ideal combination of vitamins and minerals to counter fatigue and lack of energy.

It's a perfect ritual to boost a weakened immune system in winter, during intensive sports or during periods of intense stress. This allows in particular to strengthen the body in advance and thus to be more resistant to all types of disease.

An all-in-one pack for a strong system, and iron health !

Daily Vitamins pack

Daily Vitamins pack

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Don't worry about your vitamin stocks anymore!

We have put together 3 jars of DAILY VITAMINS so that you never run out of them.

Find your perfect shape, regain all your vitality and counteract the deficiencies due to the lack of nutrients in modern food thanks to DAILY VITAMINS , a complex of vitamins and minerals in high concentration (more than 100% of the nutritional reference values). DAILY VITAMINS is a very useful supplement for any athlete or active person looking for the adequate level of nutrients to live fully every moment of the day.

Discovery Box Metapure ™

Discovery Box Metapure ™

#Discovery #Zero Carb

Price SEK45.30
  • Develop your muscles in the most effective way
  • Essential supplements adapted to your objective
  • Designed to support your progress
Discovery Box QNT

Discovery Box QNT

#Drinks #BCAA #Carnitine #snack

Price SEK48
  • Convenient discovery box format
  • Numerous products to try
  • Great gift idea for athletes and active people

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